We think of the youth

Youth Pastoral

In many parts of the world young people experience conditions of particular hardness, in which it is difficult to open the space for real life options, in the absence of margins, in the exercise of freedom. Let us think of young people in a situation of poverty and exclusion; in those who grow up without parents or family, or do not have the possibility of going to school; in the street children of so many peripheries; in the unemployed youth, abandoned and migrant youth; in those who are victims of exploitation, trafficking and slavery; in boys admitted by force into criminal gangs or irregular militias; inunderage wives or girls forced to marry against their will. There are too many in the world who pass directly from childhood to adulthood with a burden of responsibility that they have not chosen. Often, girl-child, young women and women face even greater difficulties compared to their peers. (Preparatory document for the 2018 Youth Synod).

The younger generations are characterized today by the relationship with modern communication technologies and what is usually called “virtual world”, but also have great and real effects. All this offers possibilities of access to a series of opportunities that previous generations did not have, and at the same time presents risks. However, it is of great importance to highlight how the experience of relationships through technology, structures the conception of the world, of the reality and personal relationships. This is what pastoral activity should respond to, which needs to develop an adequate culture. (Preparatory document for the Synod of Youth 2018)

Sister Shobha D'Souza:

She is part of the Vocational Pastoral Team of the Vicariate of Guapi, formed by religious and laity. She mentions that they have a common work material for the formation of young people and expresses a positive experience of teamwork.

Youth group, made up of youth from the villages.

She has integrated young people into the activities she performs: when she visits the school canteens, the young women have activities with the children, they accompany them to visit the sick and take communion for them. She sees some changes in the youth, for example, attending the Eucharist on Sunday.

She helps them to do the tasks and gives English classes

In all the countries where we are present we accompany young people, through different activities, to offer them a way of looking at reality and living life, opening their horizons and proposing selection criteria that help them guide the options in their life.
Where possible, we get involved in their Christian formation. Open to offering young people spaces where they can discern their vocation in today's world, and welcome those who wish to have a mission experience.

The Missionary Youth Encounter is a meeting dedicated to the youth with the purpose of dedicating a space and time to reflect on the missionary dimension in the life of a Christian. A Reflection that leads to commitment and, in some cases, to the discovery of the missionary vocation, as a temporary experience of a short or long duration.
The Missionary Youth Encounter aims to help young people, who usually participate and collaborate in missionary activities, to deepen the missionary dimension of the faith so that in an atmosphere of prayerful listening and search they can discover the value and meaning of the missionary vocation of the Church and of those who are called to mission. It is a meeting open to those young people with missionary zeal and who are attracted to the work of the missionaries.

Young people who have started their updating formation in the Congo.