The seed of the charism
is also in the lay people


For some years already, and in response to what was felt as one of the Signs of the Times, the Missionary Society began to take steps to SHARE CHARISM, SPIRITUALITY AND MISSION WITH LAY PEOPLE. Since then a journey is made.

We have to share the Charism and Spirituality with lay people, knowing that this implies both parties to accept the challenge of clearly witnessing the Religious or Lay identity of each one, because of two different vocations.

We understand that the mission is shared not because of participating in the same apostolic tasks, but when either one or the other puts in common the experience of mission we are called to live. That is where the characteristics of the Charism are revealed, perceived by each one with its own nuances, through the personal gifts received. It is important to share the Spirituality with which we live the mission.

We feel that sharing the Charism and Spirituality, requires communion of life and sentiments from different calls and options. The ways of this communion will be varied according to persons and circumstances: occasional or systematic meetings, personal accompaniment, or forming part of a community for a period of time. What is essential is that through the relationship there is a Real Communion between each lay person and the Missionary Society.


A person of faith and prayer and who has the desire to learn more about Jesus Christ and to make Him known.
A person who feels the Christian call to live the mission, sharing the Charism of the Society and keeping her/his lay identity.
A person ready to "go out" of herself/himself, of his/her social and cultural context and approach situations of poverty and marginalization, where the poorest and excluded may be.
A caring person, committed to Human Rights, Defence of Justice, and capable to live communitarian relationships in a family spirit.
A person who shows readiness so that her/his relationship with God and the Kingdom, her/his identity in the Church and the way of placing herself/himself in the society, is permeated with the Charism and Spirituality of the Missionary Society.
A person who may carry out any type of work, expresses her/his missionary spirit, through some evangelizing action, besides bearing Christian witness.
A person with openness to receive and welcome a formation suitable for TODAY.